Chimney Installation

Your Best Chimney Installation Contractor For Over 20 Years

American Chimney Contractor excels in the specialized field of new chimney installations. Our skilled team, comprising trained technicians and masons, handles the complete replacement of outdated or deteriorated chimneys or the installation of a new system into existing structures. Proficient in various types such as gas, wood-burning, masonry, and prefabricated, we guide you in selecting the most suitable option. With our expertise, your new chimney is guaranteed to be safely installed, ensuring efficiency and functionality.

When Should You Install a New Chimney

If your current chimney is irreparably damaged, outdated, or no longer meets your needs, investing in a new chimney installation is a wise decision. American Chimney Contractor, serving Maryland State and all over the USA, ensures enhanced safety, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. The upgrade boosts property value and home efficiency, providing a range of benefits. Trust American Chimney Contractor for your installation needs and enjoy a new chimney that meets modern standards and elevates your overall living experience.

What’s Included in Our Chimney Installation Service

American Chimney Contractor specializes in comprehensive chimney installations. Our services encompass chimney liner, cap, flue pipe, exterior metal chimney pipe, and insert installations. We understand the significance of your fireplace and chimney in providing warmth and a welcoming ambiance. With our expertise your new chimney installation ensures optimal functionality, allowing you to fully enjoy the comforts of your fireplace.


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