Chimney Repairs

Masonry Chimney Repairs

Preserve the structural integrity and aesthetics of your chimney with our skilled masonry repair services. If you observe cracking or disappearing mortar, but the bricks remain intact, our experts employ tuckpointing and repointing techniques. Filling joints with precision-matched mortar revitalizes your chimney, ensuring it functions and looks as good as new. Trust us for top-notch masonry repairs that strengthen your chimney against wear and tear.

Chimney Liner Repairs & Relining

Address common issues with aging chimneys by opting for our chimney liner repairs and relining services. Older chimneys often have clay terra cotta tile liners prone to flaking and cracking. Our solution involves relining chimneys with durable stainless-steel liners, enhancing heating efficiency and minimizing creosote build-up. Enjoy the benefits of insulated liners, meeting “zero-clearance” standards, and count on us to contain chimney fires, protecting your home effectively.

Chimney Caps Repair

Safeguard your chimney with our custom chimney caps tailored for your specific needs. Designed to withstand elements, our caps prevent rain, wind, and debris, ensuring your chimney stays protected. Don’t let a damaged or missing cap lead to water leaks and potential chimney crown issues. Trust us for durable chimney cap replacements, providing years of defense against moisture, pests, and debris intrusion

Chimney Flashing Repairs

Protect your home from water stains and potential leaks with our meticulous chimney flashing repairs. Over time, weather conditions can cause flashing to warp or corrode, compromising its effectiveness. Our expert crews specialize in prompt and thorough flashing repairs, addressing damage caused by rain, ice, snow, and heat. Count on us to seal and repair flashing, preventing moisture entry and maintaining the integrity of your chimney system


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